• Author Lindsay McIvor, Stephanie Bertels
  • Publisher Network for Business Sustainability
  • Publication date April 2014
  • Type Reports
  • Industry Oil, Gas & Mining
  • Category Managing Corporate Responsibility
  • Discipline Operations Management
  • Language English
  • Free/Pay for content Free

Sustainability frameworks are useful tools. They provide clarity on risks and responsibilities, and often kick-start a company’s sustainability strategy. But, it can be a challenge to navigate the existing Canadian and international frameworks. In mining, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s e3 Plus, the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining, ICMM’s Sustainable Development Framework, the UN Global Compact and the IFC’s Performance Standards make up the go-to sustainability frameworks.

How can a company know which framework to use and when to use it? What are the specific benefits of aligning your company with one of these frameworks? How can a manager know where to start? The answer? Start here guide.

This Start Here Guide is written for exploration, development and small producing companies (EDSPs). It introduces managers and mining professionals to the sustainability standards, guidelines, frameworks and toolkits that are most relevant to them. Specifically the guide

  • Clarifies external expectations for the environmental and social performance of mining projects
  • Supports efforts to build reputation, benchmark performance and gain access to financing
  • Outlines a step-by-step approach to understanding the most relevant sustainability frameworks
  • It distills the most widely used resources into a easy-to-understand format so managers can achieve sustainability requirements.

A set of topic-specific Quick Sheets, specifically targeted to EDSPs, accompany this guide. Download the Quick Sheets from http://nbs.net/knowledge/start-here-guide/.