Second ENAR Ad Hoc Expert Group on Promoting Equality in Employment: Monitoring Diversity Report

European Network Against Racism (ENAR)
European Network Against Racism (ENAR)
Publication date
December 2010
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The ENAR Ad Hoc Expert Group on Promoting Equality inEmployment is a pioneering initiative bringing businesses committed to diversity and inclusion together with antiracist civil society to cooperate and engage in finding solutions to ensure the full participation of ethnic minorities in the labour market. It also aims to enable the sharing of best practices and initiatives that have been undertaken by private companies, trade unions and governments.
The first ENAR Ad Hoc Expert Group was set up in 2009 to reflect on the responses which could be brought by the different stakeholders in the field of employment in  proactive and political way. The group also reflected on the structural problems of access to the labour market and equality in employment which ethnic and religious minorities experience in the EU. This timely gathering came as the EU began to reflect on its Europe 2020 Strategy and as stakeholders increasingly recognised the need for a holistic approach and joint actions to address the labour market inclusion of ethnic minorities.
Monitoring the situation of migrants and ethnic minorities is one of the most effective ways to ensure that public policies and voluntary initiatives improve the socioeconomic life of migrants and ethnic and religious minorities. During ENAR’s first Ad-Hoc Expert Group on Promoting Equality in Employment, several participants highlighted the difficulty of monitoring the successes
and failures of in-house equality policies without having any figures or measures to refer to. Diversity training is useful, but not sufficient. Facts and figures would also be powerful tools, as expressed by the slogan “what gets measured gets done”.
The second meeting of ENAR’s Ad Hoc Expert Group therefore aimed to assess whether existing monitoring tools on diversity, particularly in relation to migrants and ethnic and religious minorities, are effective. The meeting also aimed at suggesting options for addressing the limitations identified, including indicators, targets, and benchmarks. The challenge was to realise the potential of the different tools available, and ensure that they respond to the real needs of minority communities in Europe.
Key objectives of the project:
- Enable the sharing of good practices and initiatives on monitoring diversity that have been undertaken by NGOs, private companies, trade unions and public employers.
- Build the capacity of ENAR members and its partners by developing knowledge of the issues at hand and empower them to proactively identify actions at national level through joint projects and initiatives.
- Develop recommendations to: a) enable the European Union, Member States, social partners, businesses and NGOs to better engage with the policy issues and processes; b) develop joint advocacy strategies on issues of monitoring equality in employment.