Bridging the Emissions Gap: A UNEP Synthesis Report

United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)
Environment/Climate Change
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The report explains to decision-makers and stakeholders the range of potential options available to close the emissions gap in 2020.

In their “Emissions Gap Report” released in December, 2010, the scientists reported that a gap was expected in 2020 between expected emissions and the global emissions consistent with the 2°C target, even if pledges were implemented fully. After receiving the report, policymakers requested UNEP to prepare a follow-up document which not only updates emission gap estimates, but more importantly, provided ideas on how to bridge the gap.

This present report is a response to this request. To do the work UNEP has convened 55 scientists and experts from 28 scientific groups across 15 countries.This report first reviews and summarizes the latest scientific studies of the gap. It then tackles the question – How can the gap be bridged? – by examining the question from different vantage points: From that of global integrated assessment models, from bottom-up studies of individual economic sectors, and from published work on the mitigation potential in international aviation and shipping emissions. These different perspectives provide a rich body of information on how to plausibly bridge the emissions gap in 2020 and beyond.