Business in Society Gateway

The Gateway provides a mapping of Corporate Responsibility (CR) research, education and training and promotes awareness of CR knowledge material available, CR-related events and information & debates on current CR issues held at the European level and internationally.

Recent Resources

The Automotive Industry Guiding Principles to Enhance Sustainability Performance in the Supply Chain

Agreement among 14 global automakers on a set of standards outlining expectations for suppliers on key responsibility issues including human rights, environment, working conditions and business ethics.

Responsible Investment Report

This position paper has been drafted and subsequently updated by EFAMA’s working group on RI that was formed in autumn 2010. It aims to describe recent developments in RI, establish EFAMA’s position in relation to RI and finally suggest some actions going forward.

Sustainable Innovation

The report outlines the importance of responsible innovation. It discusses innovation and innovation dynamics on the one hand, and then puts it into the context of sustainability. Examples of different types of sustainable innovation are provided.